Daughter Swap Videos

Enter Daughter Swapping - If you want obscene and immoral, gonzo reality porn videos, then you've found it. Imagine a sexually frustrated dads club where pimping their daughters to other members is the motto. We are not lying - dads having a midlife crisis doing anything they can to have sex, so let's swap daughters with other members and set a good family orgy. You wanna fuck my daughter, I smash yours - daughters pimped out by dad!

Gina Valentina And Lilly Ford

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Absolutely steller performance from our teens Gina and Lilly. We love petite flat chested girls here and both performers are stunning. Imagine if this was one of your daughters - would you do a straight swap for somebody elses!

Skyler Snow And Sloan Harper

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It's on...Skylar and Sloan are only too willing to swap fathers for a fuck and fiddle. Watch our video which features seriously damaging content with group sex and lesbianism - dads are welcome to join in too!

Avery Moon And Cameron Minx

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There was jealousy at work in these two familys and young Ms Minx was the instigator in this feud. Watch as these poor old dad's are made to decide if it's immoral or not to fuck each others lil girls.

Swapping Daughters

This reality porn will leave you open mouthed and disorientated. WTF is going on here with these familys as fathers swap their daughters with friends! How the fuck can anyone come with such an immoral idea? Well, having a midlife crisis is hell and in order to get sexual stimulation and gratification you need daughter swap. You cannot live in a lie - you always had a thing for your friends daughter. We cant blame you - it's about that time to exploit other peoples daughters! More family porn where it's all fantasy, but it sure is a great idea...